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I make movies on an iMac that I want to watch on a Mini that resides in my media room.

The movies on the iMac are normally made with iMovie, and stored in iTunes.

I keep the library, which is quite large, on an external disk, connected to the iMac.


My first attempt, was to connect a disk to my Extreme router, and keep the iTunes library that contained the movies on it.

Maybe good in theory, but I got a lot of buffering drop out when I played the movies on the mac.


Is there a better way to accomplish this? Ultimately, I prefer a solution that doesn't replicate the library, as it is quite large and I don't want to worry about keeping multiple libraries in sync.

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    Have you tried sharing the iTunes Libraries on the network?


    Open iTunes Preferences/Sharing on the computer you wish to share then check "Share my library on my local network". Then it should show up in the left column of iTunes on the other computer under Shared Libraries. You may experience the same network issues though if you do not have a strong WiFi connection.

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    Yes, I tried sharing the library just as you suggest, but the vides & audio run into buffering problems (starts and stops) that make viewing unpleasant. My movies are Quicktime files rendered in 1080p format.


    My media room is adjacent to the room with my iMac, and is in the same room as the Airport Extreme. I've never experienced any Wifi bandwidth issues -- not sure why I'm having this problem.


    Apprecaite thoughts and suggestions on how to set up the iTunes library to view these movies on the Mini.

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    Use Home Sharing (not Shared library).

    iTunes menu Advanced > Turn On Home Sharing. Use the same iTunes account on all computers.

  • Stephen Spark Level 4 Level 4 (2,415 points)

    Either way it is possible to stream HD video without buffering over a good WiFi network. Even 1080p video should stream fine although if you are encoding at a large bitrate it could cause issues.

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    I verified that I am using Home Sharing to share the iTunes library between the iMac and Mini.


    I'm using an AEBS (4th generation), Airport Utility says the connection quality is 'Good' on the Mini with a data rate of 108 Mb/s. The iMac, is sitting right next to the AEBS and Airport Utility lists the quality as 'Excellent' with 300 Mb/s.


    Is this bandwidth sufficient to stream the 1080p video files?

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    Yes, that is plenty of bandwidth/speed.

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    I appreciate everyone's helpful suggestions. I've concluded that I'm using the right sharing method, Home Sharing, and that the network capacity provided from the AEBS is providing sufficient bandwidth to stream 1080p movies.


    Has anyone had success doing this that could share how they are set up? Appreciate anyone's suggestions to help me with this issue.

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    Since I have friends coming over tonight to watch one of our recent travel movies, I took a brute force approach and used CCC to clone my iTunes library to an external drive connected to the mini. This will work for the short run, but I really want a solution that does not require replication if it can be avoided.


    In case it helps, I watched the performance monitor on both the iMac andw mini during the transfer. The highest transmission shown by the activity monitor was 4-5Mb/s. CPU usage during the transfer was 95% idle for both machines. The external drive is a new Imega firewire 800.  Are these typical data transfer rates - I was expecting to see higher speed. Could this be related to my Home Sharing sluggishness?