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I have an ATV (2nd Gen.).  The remote is not working reliably.  I'd like to determine whether it's the remote itself that is bad or something else amiss.


Here's what I've tried:

* new batteries (tried 3 sets); batteries test as good

* applied the latest software update to the ATV

* unpaired and repaired the remote


What does happen: 


* The clicks on the remote are not always "taking" - sometimes, if I press one of the buttons VERY firmly, or if I press firmly to one side of the button surface, then the click "takes". 


* It helps to be about 6" from the ATV.


* Often, the light on the ATV reacts (and I hear the "clink" through the speaker), as though the ATV is recognizing the click.  However, nothing changes on the ATV.  I do this a dozen or so times (with the ATV light flashing each time) and then, suddenly, the ATV responds.


* If I use the "Remote" app on my iPhone, the clicks (gestures) are recognized every time.


This is playing movies from my Mini, with Home Sharing on.  I have tested both with WiFi and with the Ethernet connection.

Mini + Air11, Mac OS X (10.6.8), iPhones, iPods, iPad, MacBook Pro (10.6), PB G4 (10.4), ATV
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    It turns out that one of the batteries (the one of the 3 that tested the strongest) was not a CR3032 but, instead, a CR2025.  (Oddly enough, it was in a pack of two that I purchased which was labeled as containing CR3032 batteries but one was actually a 2025.)  Both are 3V lithium and, other than life span, basically the same ... EXCEPT that the 2025 is a bit thinner.  One site that talked about the differences in these "button batteries" mentioned using a shim to get the 2025 working.  I stick a small piece of cardboard behind the battery in the ATV remote and - VOILA - it now operates the ATV as it should.  Mystery solved!

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    oops - it's CR2032 (not CR3032).