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I have the best MacBook Pro $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Can Buy and evertime, yes EVERYTIME!! I go to "Share" to YouTube and/or Quicktime, it requires that I "quit" iMovie before I can upload to YouTube.


Been using iMovie for a decade with much, much less memory and have never EVER been asked to do this before. There is no more memory and/or hardware for me to purchase.


What the Heck/F.... is going on???


Any help would be appreciated.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion
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    Come ON!!! This is getting very, very annoying. Why does iMovie continue to require me to "quit" and relaunch evertime I want to share to Youtube and Quicktime.


    This is ridiculous especially for a MBP Retina that is the best $$$$$$ can buy.

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    Don't use iMovie, but it sounds like that it might be a 32 vs 64 bit issue.


    In any case, you would probably get more help if you posted this to the iMovie section instead of the Mountain Lion section.



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    Thx much for the reply. I have been using iMovie for years and NOTHING!!! has changed.


    This really, really s....ks that I am now getting this, very, very, very error message that "Sharing requires more memory to be available. Quit iMovie and relaunch it"


    Something is very, very wrong and different.

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    This all seems to be happening since I now am also getting this message about "Dropbox"


    "Drop Box Items Waiting"


    There are some items waiting to be imported in your iMovie Drop Box. If you'd like to use them in iMovie, choose “Import Now.”


    No clue as to why these stupid messages are now appearing nor is there a way to "delete" them