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Hi Gang


Working on a SP 1.8 for a freind. 7 Good GB's RAM, plenty of system drive space. It was mine for a while, never had a problem before. Seems after I inserted a different system drive with 10.4.11,the system started to experience strange 'shut downs.' Just a cold hard shut down. Not like a tyical warning screen that cascades before you, showing/illustrating numerous codes, and numbers with the warning/prompt, that you have to manually shut the system down by holding in the power button. This is simply a 'complete shut down.' I've since replaced the PRAM battery, peformed a CUDA, and also a VPRAM/NRAM, (3 distinct chimes). Now I'm watching, waiting, running software, looking for any warning signs. I'm also watching, using Activity Monitor, watching very closely. So far, nothing of concern.


Any ideas?




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    Get Temperature Monitor to see if it's heat related...




    iStat Menus...




    And/or iStat Pro...




    If you have any temps in the 70°C/160°F range, that's likely it.

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    Hi again BD


    I have both Temperature Monitor, and Rember.


    Where would I look for a temp of 160F? Which component? 


    I've read numerous posts. It may be a bad Power Supply. But it never gave me any issues before. Mystery ....


    Gotta question:

    I put the old Maxtor HD back in the bottom slot, using it for storage. It was the original system drive. An old 160GB Maxtor. Wonder if it could be the culprit? Could a bad 2nd drive cause such a shut down?


    Thank you BD


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    Adding to the data:


    Nov 18 21:45:15 localhost kernel[0]: Matching service count = 6

    Nov 18 21:45:15 localhost kernel[0]: IOPlatformControl::registerDriver Control Driver AppleSlewClock did not supply target-value, using default

    Nov 18 21:45:16 localhost kernel[0]: UniNEnet: Ethernet address 00:0a:95:a7:8b:86

    Nov 18 21:45:16 localhost diskarbitrationd[37]: disk0s3    hfs      687E9963-BDC1-3ECF-A88A-B85609E1E579 Suz System Drive        /

    Nov 18 21:45:16 localhost launchd: Server 372b in bootstrap 1103 uid 0: "/usr/sbin/lookupd"[42]: exited abnormally: Hangup

    Nov 18 21:45:16 localhost kernel[0]: ApplePMU::PMU forced shutdown, cause = -122

    Nov 18 21:45:16 localhost lookupd[58]: lookupd (version 369.8) starting - Sun Nov 18 21:45:16 2012

    Nov 18 21:45:19 localhost mDNSResponder: Adding browse domain local.

    Nov 18 21:45:23 localhost kernel[0]: ATY,Apache_A: vram [c0000000:10000000]

    Nov 18 21:45:23 localhost kernel[0]: ATY,Apache_B: vram [c0000000:10000000]

    Nov 18 21:45:23 localhost /System/Library/CoreServices/loginwindow.app/Contents/MacOS/loginwindow: Login Window Application Started

    Nov 18 21:45:24 localhost loginwindow[62]: Login Window Started Security Agent




    Could a bad 2nd drive cause such a shut down? *See above ...


    Thank you


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    Easily could be that drive...




    Also, is it connected to a UPS? Did you try a Safe Boot?

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    "Also, is it connected to a UPS?"


    Hi BD, that 2nd drive is in the bottom bay connected as per the standard G5 cables, sata, & power. I've disconnected that drive, and will put the machine thru some additional paces. We'll see what happens? However, I'm starting to have my doubts - I think it's the power supply? Just odd that it would suddenly give out ...


    I think if that 2nd drive were bad, there would some error messages.



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    By UPS, I mean is the whole computer plugged into a Uninterruptible Power Supply?



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    The PMU forced shutdown error message log tells you that it is likely a hardware issue, as opposed to software, that is causing the forced shutdown.


    BDAquas mention of the UPS is of importance, as dirty power can also cause a PMU forced shutdown. A UPS cleans up and backs up the power for the machine.


    I would remove the old hard drive simply to rule it out as a source of trouble.


    The PSU could also be overheating due to dust accumulation. The G5 PSU is good at sucking in dust, but terrible at allowing the dust to leave or be removed.

    Overheat due to dust could cause faltering of power supplied, thus resulting in the PMU forced shutdown.


    Compressed air is one way people get the dust out. Disassembly is the most sure way.


    Oh, and don't rule out failing PSU fans.....

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    Hi again Chris


    Yes, I'll disconnect the 2nd drive just to rule it out, (I have my doubts). And I usually clean the all cooling fins with a compressor. Oh and BTW, all the fans are running at what appear to be 'idle speed'. Is there some point at which they rev up as the CPU heats up? If so, I haven't witnessed that at temps about 125F. Enlighten me. Thank you Chris.



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    The PSU has no sensors, temperature or RPM. Only visual, physical confirmation of function can confirm the fans are working.

    As for dust, the PSU is unlike the fins on the heatsink. It is an enclosed box, where air moves over the PSU components and heatsink from one end to the other, with dust accumulation points all along the entire length of the PSU being had around board components and the internal heatsink.


    The PSU is very hard to clean and contains no monitoring capability.

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    "The PSU is very hard to clean and contains no monitoring capability."


    Chris, I can do this, I can remove the cover. Just need a few tips. Do you have a procedure for this on your Web Site?


    BTW - I actually seem to be getting somewhere with regard to stability, after more than 4 hours of running time. I'll be forwarding some data, standby....



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    Latest Data: Machine on for approx. 4 hours, multiple applications open. Monitored temperature ranges for each application. No system shut downs, (not yet). What's different? I disconnected the 2nd internal drive. Blew out the cooling fins with compressor. (See above question).


    FC6 CPUA Temp 117-120F


    Sound Track Pro 2.0.2 CPUA Temp 118-124F


    Garage Band 08 4.1.2 Temp 118-124F


    Other applications open were After Effects 7, and Microsoft Word 2004.


    Memory Heatsink = 127F

    Main Logic Board = 98.2F

    Backside = 102F


    Activity Monitor showed system memory, 1/3 Used, (Blue), 2/3 Free (Green)


    Thank you


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    Temps all look good.

    Getting rid of the drive may have been the necessary step.

    It's not really surprising, if it turns out to have been the drive, as flaky drives can cause all sorts of evil.