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How can I play more than 1 piece of music for a longer iMovie?  How can I fade 1 song into another, etc.?  Thanks for any help!

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    This is a complex question as

    • Audio has two faces in iMovie - Background or connected to a Video-clip

    • and iMovie is picky o in what file format (or from wher) audio comes.


    A. Drop the audio file onto a Video-Clip and You can have several ones - even ontop of each others


    B. I only use .aiff 16-bit 48kHz or 44.1kHz (as on Audio-CDs). No .mp3 or other format - all converted to .aiff. If You nead sound from iTunes - this also use to create problems - I do

    • Save all needed Audio into a New PlayList (in iTunes)

    • BURN this as an Audio-CD (.aiff)

    • Use the files on this CD in my movie project's (btw I copy them onto the hard disk and a new folder first - to let iMovie find them when CD is ejected)


    Yours Bengt W