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The only thing stopping me from purchasing Snow Leopard is my self imposed isolation without access to friends or relatives who can make a phone call for me.  It is my choice and hardly Apple's fault. I left upgrading to Snow Leopard until long after it was withdrawn from sale from the on-line Apple Store. Thanks to Klaus1 for enlightening me. He is a good friend.


I can hardly claim Apple should make a simple product already in existence available to me via the same methods much of its other products are at present, through their existing storefront in their existing website. I have no right to point out that this product is advertised with a price point and necessary in the path for upgrading to the most recent product Lion and is key to being able to purchase apps once that is functional with my OS. 


But actually it falls under the jurisdiction of handicap access, and this problem is as always still an issue, not just for me, but many. It is not isolation that drives this query, but a demand for equal access.


It is not like a person makes a choice to lose hearing. I did not impose my difficulties, they are in fact my constraints. I do not own a functioning phone for obvious reasons. I am delighted to own an ipad. I am here fighting for the opportunity to upgrade my laptop using a method that has been available to me for years... i know it may be easy for ya'll to call but i cannot. I am writing all this to appeal for an intelligent response to solve my very real problem.


Who knows the best link or email where i can type a message and get support help...  I have sent several messages in varying locations with no response as of yet.

Who has been on the phone call to get this upgrade, can you confirm what i have heard, that there is a link to purchase the product?

Maybe there is a support line i can mail a text to.


Please don't tell me to call or get a friend to call. This is not a solution, it is a way of skirting around the problem and it unfortunately alienates many people with a myriad of complex constraints who for whatever reason cannot use a phone.

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