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I had a project in progress where the source clips had the orange bars underneath indicating "footage used" on them...


then, in a completely new unrelated event/project, I imported some clips, and afterward, the orange footage used bars on the clips in the first project disappeared!


what caused that to happen?


and..what's more is that in the NEW project, I don't see the new clips, but the ones from the other project...what's goin on here?


danger danger will robinson...





MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    The orange bars show the clips from this event that are used in the current project. You can start a new project with the same event, and the orange bars will not show. If you open the original project with this event, the orange bars should still be there.

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    Thank you..my sequence in setting up the new project was to 1). create new project, and copy the name 2.) Import footage from hard drive and Creat New Event, pasting the Project name into that field, then to 3). Click the Import button.


    To me, it doesn't *seem* like I associated old clips with new project...does it to you?


    Plus, my newly-imported clips were not in the folder they should have been, but a copy of the other project's were!


    I'm thinking temporary insanity on the computers part...?