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Ryan Marcus Level 4 (1,140 points)

Hi folks,


I installed Logic Pro 9.1.8 from the App Store. After checking it out I selected the Download Additional Content menu option.


Everything downloaded and I entered my admin password. The installation appeared to be fine until it came to Jam Pack 1. It hung on that for well over an hour. Clearly nothing was happening.


I was able to quit the app normally. When I reopened it I was asked if I wanted to resume the download. I selected that but got the beach ball. Force quit and tried it a few times, same result each time.


Next time I selected 'cancel download'. Now the 'Download Additional Content…' menu option is greyed out. But I can't see the content. If I click on Loops everything is greyed out, as if nothing is installed.


I'm new to Logic and might be missing something daft, I don't know. Appreciate any help at all.


Thanks very much.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)