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Our new macbook pro (10,1) retina has a garbage screen after awakening from sleep. We have to manually turn it off and back on again to get back to being able tu use it. We have tried everything logical, no help. We have reinstalled Lion 10.8.2, we have reset the PRAM, we have done disk checks and repaired permissions, we have gone to the Apple store, It appears to somehow be related to the lock screen software native to Lion, but turning that off, so that it boots straight up with no lock screen hasn't helped. That was the recommendation of the Apple store (big help, thanks a lot fellas) after that they said we would have to wait for a system patch to be issue by Apple, but I cannot believe this is a problem affecting all retina mac book pros. help please.


Here is a sample:



MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Looks as if you've a GPU problem of some sort. You could try running the Apple Hardware Test to see if you encounter any errors, but I would go back to the Apple Store and insist that they run their more 'technical' diagnostics on the machine.



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    I have this problem on the lower third with Mavericks.  Sometimes the computer just stays black when I leave it on battery and it goes to sleep.  It won't wake up until I hold the power button down for a long time and it restarts.  If I close the lid, then reopen later I get the artifacts you show here, but only on the lower third.  I do not get them EVER if the computer isn't CLOSED to sleep.  Of course when walking from one room to another (think in terms of large hotel where this could be a 15 minute walk) I don't want to shut it off but I don't want to carry it open either.  THis is a problem.  I didn't have this problem before mavricks.  I'm on the original MBPr which I purchased Jan 2013.  Otherwise it's been flawless.  Just one dead pixel cluster and the battery life is gradually decreasing.