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I subscribed to iTunes match 4 weeks ago and have been trying to match my music since, with no success.

iPad says not subscribed to iTunes match.  I'm getting tired of trying after 4 weeks of attempting to get it to work.

I called Apple support and spoke to someone at the Apple store, but no one knows anything about iTunes Match.  The support person told me it would take a long time to load the music files.  Is 4 weeks not long enough to upload files?

It is stuck at this step 3 for days, sometimes I see it restarting at step 1, but always stops at this step and never gets beyond 1 of xxxx items uploaded.

I tried two different libraries, multiple starts, stops, reboots and permissions repairs, but still the same results.  Can someone tell me why Itunes match doesn't work?  So far i have not found why.  It makes me feel like I'm back on my old PC running Windows.







power Mac G5 dual processor, Mac OS X (10.5.8), tower running Leopard
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    Try deleting the songs that are awaiting to be uploaded. Run iTunes Match. When process is complete gradually readded o/s songs.



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    I'm having the same problem. 13000 songs library, and it's three weeks that I'm trying to complete the upload of all the songs. I also noticed that iTunes match doesn't "match" very well: he is trying to load some songs that are in the iTunes catalog, and this songs have been loaded from my original CD's.

    Not happy at the moment


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    I have 5823 songs available in icloud.

    1 of 35 items uploaded.

    How can I tell which items are being uploaded, so I can delete them?

    I show 6576 items under Music in iTunes with various cloud symbols.  many more than shown being uploaded.





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    You need to add "cloud status" column from the view options. This shows tracks matched, purchased, uploaded, inelligible and waiting. Sort column alphabetically. You will be able to identify tracks that you need to delete.



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    I went into View, View Options and added iCloud Status column.

    I sorted by that and deleted all the ERROR and Ineligible Protected songs.

    I stopped iTunes Match from the Store menu, Exited iTunes, ran Repair Permissions From Disk Utilities.

    Started iTunes and Turned on iTunes Match from the Store Menu

    Then the songs that were left started making upload progress.

    The upload stalled near te end of te last upload, so I had to stop and exit, then restart the iTunes Match and it finally uploaded all and was Done.





    I still have the problem where my iPad, when I try to enable iTunes Match, states that I am Not Subscribed.

    Can you help witih this?  I tried both Apple IDs.

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    You have to be signed in to the same itunes store account on your iPad that you purchased the itunes match with.  You cannot be signed into a different account under your app store and be signed in under itunes match in a different one.  Go to Settings>itunes & app stores on your ipad and make sure that the apple id listed there is the same as the one you signed up to itunes match with.  If so then it should work.

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    I sure wish that I can combine my apple IDs to one common account.  This is causing headaches.

    I can switch store IDs on my iPad, then that can only be done once every 90 days.

    It looks like my Ipad is associated to the iTunes store on a different ID than the one I purchased the iTunes match on on my desktop.  I recall seeing that you can use any apple ID and that I should use the one that has the most purchsed music.  Now I need to change the associated id on my iPad.  When I activate the iTunes Match, it says that my library will be replaced.  I suppose that I can still add other songs by dragging files over when connected via USB cable.  I'm not sure how to handle multiple itunes libraries.  Do the songs add, when I start iTunes using a different library?

    I enabled iTunes Match on my iPad and it appears to be working now.

    Thanks for your help!


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