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no video on iTunes movies or TV shows

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    This has happened to EVERYBODY that updated today's updates!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm running the latest Yosemite and have this issue. No video for movies or TV. The time progress bar shows a normal progression as if a show is running but the image screen is black. I spoke with Apple technical support. They had me set up a test user to see if the issue would happen with another user. Same problem. The solution that they proposed with to reinstall the operating system!! I'm not thrilled with that idea. The problem seems to be coincidental (or caused by?) the lastest security upgrade that came out a few days ago. As I said, it may be just a coincidence, but it's worth considering as a possibility, ie. Apple screwed up. I didn't realize that others were affected by this, so this points to that possible cause, ie. Apple screwed up, rather than something unique to my system, now  likely confirmed by the posts complaining of the same issue. If that's the case, they're going to be getting A LOT of calls about this iTunes issue. I'm going to talk to Apple tech support today and mention that I've seen posts on their support site about this problem. I'll update the board if I get any insights or useful feedback. Thanks for posting the issue. Misery loves company!!

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    Thanks VB - I have this issue too likewise on Yosemite and following yesterdays security update. Hopefully Apple will correct the issue ASAP.

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    Hello everyone.

    I have an update on the iTunes black screen video issue. I had an extensive troubleshooting discussion with a senior Apple supervisor technician. He did some additional troubleshooting steps. First, he asked me to put the computer into Safe mode to check whether 3rd party applications, etc. could be an issue. The problem persisted when in Safe Mode. Secondly, he sent me a data log program. You temporarily install this program on your Mac, close all other applications and then run iTunes and replicate the video problem. It does a total system activity log (takes a few minutes) and then creates a log file that you send back to Apple. The file size was 75MB!! so this is really a big data file. He is going to forward all the data and past troubleshooting info. to their engineers to investigate it. He is particularly concerned by the proximity to the latest security update, since there is some possibility that a bug is effectively making iTunes an illegitimate program to view video on. That's just speculation on his part, but worth considering. He has advised me NOT to re-install Yosemite until further investigation takes place. He doesn't feel that this will be the optimal solution at this point.


    My suggestion to every user experiencing this is to phone Apple tech support and report the issue. The more documented complaints that Apple receives the more priority the issue receives.


    This superviser is going to update with any information from their engineers as it becomes available. This will probably go well into next week. I'll keep you posted and please report any success you've had resolving it.

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    Can't believe there are so many of us with this problem. And though my question could sound dumb, but,  don't the supervisors read these posts?

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    The supervisor that I spoke to acknowledged how useful the Support Communities are. But the key way to bring a problem to Apple's awareness is to phone tech support and establish a case file. So anyone with that issue should do that if they want Apple to get moving on a solution.

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    Same problem here. iTunes movies all black. Mac Pro mid-2010, OS X 10.10.5, iTunes, Security update 2015-005. Happened right after updates yesterday.


    I need to stay with 10.10.5 for a while - hoping not to have to upgrade to El Capitán at this point.

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    There's a parallel discussion board on this issue. Here's a post of interest. I would surmise that this is rapidly becoming a major screw-up on Apple's part. It appears that they effectively shut down the video content site of iTunes for Yosemite users. If so, that will become a top priority for resolution. Let's stay tuned. Personally, I think it's worth concentrating discussion on one site, but also good that an alternative site is appearing on a Google search for the subject. Here's the alternative site link: Re: Video(tv/movies/iTunes store previews) in iTunes stopped working after update 12/10/15


    Just spoke with Apple Support -- their response was that struggles with video in iTunes is, and I quote, "an Emerging Issue" related to latest update and that "Apple Engineers are aware of the issue and are working on a solution."  I cannot in the last 10 years of being a loyal/exclusive iTunes customer remember an update being so useless!

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    Hello Everyone,

    Good news! You should find two new updates for your Mac: an iTunes update and a security update. The security update has solved the video issue!! So, yes, Apple screwed up with the prior security update, but rapidly fixed it. I intend to e-mail the supervisor technician that helped me for helping to bring the issue forward to Apple's engineers. Also, I think the speed of this fix speaks to the value of using these discussion groups. (The supervisor told me that he had reviewed the site.) Happy viewing!

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    Looks like the security update released today and the iTunes update yesterday have fixed the problem.