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Hello all,


I have a PowerBook G4 that I am trying to wipe/restore before I try to sell it. Here are the basic specs:


1.67 GHz PowerPC


OS X v10.4.11


I have the original Mac OS X install discs, v10.4.4--AND I have a set of install discs from a different computer, Mac OS X v10.4.10.


I can press the power button and boot normally without any problem. If I put in disc 1 of the install disc set and hold down the C key when powering up, I get a kernal panic message. If I eject the disc and try rebooting, it boots normally again. I've tried booting from disc 1 of both sets of install discs (v10.4.4 and v10.4.10) and get the same kernal panic message when I hold down the C key.


Other than the battery not holding a charge very well, the computer works fine (that is, the CD drive is in good working condition). Does anyone have any ideas as to why I can't boot from the install disc?


Thank you in advance for any help!

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    First of all, are these restore disk you have specifically for your model of PowerBook? This are not any other Mac other than a PowerBook?


    If they are for your PowerBook G4, then try first putting the disk in the drive and holding down the option key.

    This will bring up a menu. This menu will show you the hard drive and CD drive. You should see an icon with a CD with 'Mac OS X Install' Select it. See if that boot from the disk.


    If that fails then try resetting the PMU. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1431

    Which I believe should be taking the battery and power off the machine and holding down the power button for five seconds. Placing the battery back in and power adapter, then rebooting.


    Best of luck

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    10.4.6 was the last "retail" version of 10.4.  So any 10.4.7 or later installer disc will not work with a Powerbook. If it says Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, MacBook, Mac Mini, iBook, or iMac, it won't work with a Powerbook in anycase.  Use the combo 10.4.11 updater to bring it back up to speed if you need to erase and install from the original installer discs.  See my FAQ* on upgrading:



    10.4.4 and later prebundled discs that came with any Intel Mac won't work Powerbooks either.

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    Yes, the discs are specifically for the PowerBook (they came in the box). I tried putting in the first disc and booting from the menu, but got the same kernel error.


    I also tried resetting the PMU (powering down, removing the battery, holding the power button for five seconds, etc.), but that didn't work either. I tried twice, but it booted up normally each time.


    I think, maybe, the 10.4.11 I have discs are just bad. I have a 10.5 disc that I wasn't using, so decided to try to upgrade the OS. It worked, and I can boot from that disc without any problems.


    So, the answer to my 10.4.11/kernel woes was to just upgrade. Thanks for your help, though!

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    10.4.11 discs will not boot a Powerbook at all. 10.5 discs will as long as they look like and do not say Upgrade, Dropin, or OEM.