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Since I installed 10.6.2 on my 2009 Mac Mini I keep loosing the bluetooth keyboard and mouse after the computer has been asleep.


I can eventually get the to connect again but it usually requires that I delete the mouse and/or keybard and reconfigure it from scratch.


It is pretty inconvenient spending 5 minutes to reconned the devices after the system wakes up. I keep a USB mouse plugged in so I can manipulate the control panels. Once connected the bluetooth devices work fine as long as the system doesn't go to sleep.


The bluetooth devices won't seem to wake up the computer either even though "let bluetooth dievices wake this computer" is checked.


In a number of forums, I see postings where there seems to be trouble with the bluetooth on Mountain Lion but for me this didn't start until I installes 10.6.2. It was working ok with 10.6.0 and 10.6.1.


Is there some patch that I missed?


Thanks for any insight anyone has.

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    First, I assume we can replace any "6" in your post with an "8", correct?


    Next, since 10.8.2 there was only one more "Supplemental Update" which you should have found in and downloaded via the App Store. If not, here it is.


    Finally - for now, did you make your BT gear "Favorites" in the Bluetooth Preferences? Might be worth trying.

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    Apologies for the erroneous version number, your are correct that we are talking about OSX 10.8.2


    I did as you suggested, installed the "Supplemental Update" and put both keyboard and mouse on the favorites list.


    Connections are working better now. The keyboard seems to reconnect all of the time.


    The mouse is truly weird, it won't reconnect on its own but if I place it upside down next to the computer and cycle the power, then select "Connect" from the BT pull down, I connects without a problem. (I knoow, it sounds like I am making this up.:0{


    Neither device will wake up the computer.


    I am remembering that although the Mini is from 2009, I replaced the keyboard with a new one about a year ago. The Mighty Mouse is original (2009) and since this model (rounded white with the little track ball on top) didn't hold up very well, it could be the last one still functioning. Over the years since the Mighty Mouse came out I have had 4 of them die after a year or so.


    Does anyone think it would be worthwhile replacing the aging mouse?


    Thanks so much, for taking the time to help. I am a very long time Mac user (since 1985) and have a lot of experience with computers in general. This is strangest behavior I have encountered. 

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    galacticvoyager wrote:


    Does anyone think it would be worthwhile replacing the aging mouse?


    Yup, me!!!