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    You also want to consider how you format the disc affects what you can use it with:

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    Stephen Throop wrote:


    If disconnecting the power resets the SMC of an Intel, I've done it every time I shut off the surge supressor.  He had me press the start button with the power disconnected.  I wonder if that did more than resetting the SMC.


    No switching off the Surge Protector is not exactly the same.


    Pressing the power button helps to drains off residual power and allows the Port Overload Protection to reset.


    If your are switching off the Surge Protector, STOP because that could be exactly why you are having SMC, USB and other power related problems.


    In fact it is better to leave the power on and sleep a Mac 24-7, than it is to shutdown and switch off the power or whatever it is that your doing...? 

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    Thanks, I bookmarked it.  I created a lot of Word documents in HFS Standard.  When I moved from OS 7.6 to 8.1 with HFS+ (or maybe after I moved to 9.1), I found that searching for documents by content no longer worked.  When I moved the documents to my PPC Mini with Tiger and HFS+ Journaled, I could not open them with any app.  I had to convert them with my old computer.


    After a couple of years, I discovered that my PPC Mini would open them if they were on an HFS Standard partition.  Lately, I've discovered that my PPC Mini will open them on an HFS+ Journaled partition.  I'm sure it didn't work in the past.  I don't know what changed.

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    Did you read the instructions on the link you posted?  It says you reset the SMC on an Intel desktop by unplugging at least 15 seconds, reconnecting, and waiting at least 5 seconds before pushing the power button.  That sounds like the same thing that happens when I turn off my surge protector, which I've done a couple of times in the last month.


    A relative has an Intel iMac from 2006.  Those are the instructions that came with it.  Strangely, I've found two websites from 2010 that say you push the power button 5 seconds to reset the SMC on an Intel desktop, just as Support told me yesterday.  Those are the instructions Apple currently posts for laptops with removable batteries.


    What facts show that it's better to leave a Mac on 24-7?  In the 90s, my Starmax group discussed it.  In theory, leaving equipment on could prolong life by reducing temperature cycles.  In practice, the ones that were shut off at night lasted just as long.  With a watt meter, I discovered that a Starmax drew just as much power sleeping as idling.  As my Mini uses only 1 watt sleeping, putting it to sleep would cause about the same temperature swing as shutting down. 


    Conventional wisdom said a PRAM battery should be replaced every two years.  They were expensive.  Mine was still going when I replaced it after 7 years. 

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    Rats!  I didn't finish!  In the case of the Starmax, leaving the surge protector on saved the expensive PRAM battery.  As I recall, an accumulation of 6 weeks without AC power would drain it.  I usually leave my surge protector on with my Minis, but I don't think it matters.


    Now the good news.  It's not the SMC!  As usual, I left the power strip on last night.  When I started in the morning, the Mac couldn't enumerate the mouse. 


    All three of my mice are USB 1.1, which is probably adequate for most mice.  All three were designed to work with Microsoft drivers, although they worked fine with or without the software with my PPC Mini.  Two have windows that show the glow of the laser without turning them over.  With the PPC, the glow would dim if I didn't move the mouse for a few seconds.  It doesn't dim with the Intel.  They point and click just fine, but I guess they don't function as designed. 


    Here's a Macrumors thread that says some mice will act up like mine when plugged into some Macs.


    The other day, my BIL recalled that when he upgraded to a Mac with USB 2.0, his USB 1.1 stuff wouldn't work until he plugged it into a USB 2.0 hub.  I think it may be a compatibility issue.  I'll see if they work better with my USB 2.0 hub.

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    Solved!  I finally got a repeatable problem.  With my worst mouse, restarts were okay, but a cold start would require a reconnection. 


    It runs fine through my Belkin USB 2.0 hub.  The solution that worked for my BIL years ago worked for me now.  Thanks.

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    Thanks, den.thed.  I don't get it.  Apple doesn't give me a "this helped me" button for your posts.

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    Glad to here that you sorted out your mouse problem.


    No worries, that is because you only get 2 Helpful and 1 Solved button for each thread that you start.


    Enjoy your new Mac Mini and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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