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Does airplay from apple tv work the same for macbook air mid 2011 and macbook air mid 2012 model? Or is the 2012 model faster? Is there any delays? Between each one. Considering they are both i5 128 gb and 4 gb ram. The difference being the processor and the graphics card. Im really interested in purchasing a 2011 model to save some money and purchase the apple tv to do the mirroring. I want to use it to stream movies or series from my laptop. My main concern are delays referring to audio and video.

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Hi Jorgeper,


    The Airplay technology on both will work and is the same. The later model will be a bit faster but considering the lag you will get on both is barely an issue.

    There is a delay over Airplay that you will notice with your bare eye.

    I found it working fine for presentations and some work but playing movies is not there just yet. It does work but even on the latest fastest MacBook Pro and Apple TV 3rd generation there is a visible lag and occasional stutter.

    This will also depends heavily on the WiFi connection you use and if you can connect the Apple TV via ethernet port (cable) this improves the speed.




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    I use my 2011 MBA to show videos and movies as well as to play music over my home theatre. Works great. Which computer you have isn't likely to matter - the big question is whether your WiFi network is up to the task. If your WiFi base station is far away from where your computer will be or if you have any kind of interference you may have some stuttters.

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    Thank you guys for taking the interest and time to clear my question.

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    By saying "The later model will be a bit faster..." are you referring in terms of computer speed, meaning opening several programs or are you referring in terms of airplay mirror.


    I understood the airplay mirror while be the same on both laptops. BUT one computer is faster than the other in terms of multitasking and other stuff.


    Thank you, once more, for helping me out

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    I was referring to better specs / faster performence of the computer in general.


    The real bottleneck for Airplay is the speed of the WiFi network.
    As mentioned above it always helps to wire static devices such as Apple TV.



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    Thanks for the response, i really appreciate your help. Have a great day!