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Hey I need some help.


It says to go to the device menu in iTunes Preferences & make sure there is a tick in the box that says look for a remote, but when you go to edit preferences & then devices, There is nothing that says look for a Remote.  I cannot get my iPad third generation, iPhone five or iPod touch fifth generation To control iTunes on a Apple TV Second generation. I have checked everything to make sure the software is up-to-date.  I can get it to control the Apple fine, but it will not control iTunes.

I have gone through the haring process & it still why not work I've really installed iTunes twice & checked the Firebird to confirm it is not blocking bonjour Earl any other Apple software.   I have even tried completely disabling the firewall. 


It was perfectly fine last week & then my friend got his house broken into & he asked me to go onto iCloud.com to try & locate his iPad and ever since then it has completely stopped working.  If anybody can help, it will be gladly appreciated





Apple TV (2nd generation), iOS 6.0.1
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    it's unclear what you are asking


    • appletv don't run itunes
    • appletv can't control itunes on the computer
    • the computer can't control the appletv apart using airplay to use the appletv as remote speakers
    • appletv can access a shared lib on a computer runining itunes
    • appletv can be remote controlled by ios devices apart from other appletv's running the remote app app you can
    • download free from the app store


    what is it on the list of capabilities you have problems with

    or is it a confusement of what abilities was avaible ?