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I completed importing all the clips into the PROJECT window from the EVENTS window that I needed.  Everything was working well until I imported a song from iTunes.  I tried ducking the song during a portion of a clip in the PROJECT window then all he(( broke loose.  It would not duck so I decided to delete the song from the PROJECT window.  It won't allow me to delete the song.  Now I can't edit the project.  I tried to rename the project and it allowed me in the PROJECT but has a gray viewing screen.  I still have sound in the clips but nothing but gray in the viewing area. If I close the project and close iMovie11 and then reopen iMovie 11 it will not allow me to Edit the Project.  If I change the name again it will allow me into edit but it will not allow me to edit and of course I still have the lovely gray viewing screen.


Coaches at eleven (11) Division 1 universities are wanting this Recruiting Highlight Video of my son playing soccer and they want it in the next week or so.  I MUST get this thing finished. A scholarship maybe riding on this video or at least a second look at him in person.

Can ANYONE help?  PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm using iMovie 11 9.0.4 (1634)



iMovie (iOS), Mac OS X (10.6.8), I'm using iMovie 9.0.4
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    I would try deleting the preferences file. For details, see this post.



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    I had the same problem and did all of the suggestions such as deleted certain files (com.apple.imove....and com.apple.iapps....) from the preferences folder...didn't really help my situation so I decided to view "rejected only" clips and saw that a clip that was in my project was in the list.  So I deleted the clip and everything is working fine.  You will just have to import that clip again.


    Hope that helps...

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    My problem  is  a  project on iMovie that  Freezes(only the project) and the viwer window blocked in gray ... .. After editing that  took me a year I'm stuck .

    if i delete the preferences file and empty the trash as you ask to do ...how can i get it back?