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  • dmdimon Level 3 Level 3

    Lets close this. I answered in context of Mac bootcamp gaming. I not told about that context - my error. In this context setup will work without additional drivers. In other contexts like "just run external GPU under OS X for fun of doing it" - it is not working right now. Is it correct?




    What I did say was that the GPU kexts will crash or misbehave if you bring them up later in the boot process than they were intended to


    Incorrect. Just try yourself.


    This is PRECISELY because PCI-e is not hot-swappable.


    incorrect. extensions order of load have nothing to do with bus hot-swappability.

  • Stefan Vasiljevic Level 1 Level 1

    So will external Thunderbolt GPU work on MacBook Pro Retina under bootcamp? If so, which one will and how?

  • IanWilliamGalloway Level 1 Level 1

    I want to ask a very similar question, so this seems like the thread to do it.


    I already own a Macbook Pro 15" Retina, and an M-Logic MLink Thunderbolt to PCI-E chassis (which we used to get a video input on another project).


    I'm not looking for a gaming solution, or a Bootcamp solution - I use After Effects/Premiere on MacOSX.


    Is there anything on the market that I can put into the M-Link which would allow me to boost render performance of AE/Premiere...?

  • Ryan Wuckert Level 1 Level 1


    That's what I want the expansion chassis for but to use withn DaVinci resolve on my rMBP.

    Can't believe this is such a big issue.

    And no one on either side is making a statement about why.

    Not apple, sonnet, magma etc or Nvidia have an answer accept that there are no tb aware drivers for this purpose.


    And all those statements are over a year old.

  • dmdimon Level 3 Level 3
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