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I have a friend with a neurological condition which makes her iPad 1's screen too bright for her to use even on the dimmest setting


She wants me to ask if anybody knows anything about a screen protector for the iPad 1 which happens to have the side effect of dimming the screen..


If there were some sort of screen protector which had the side effect of dimming, it would be very useful to her.


She's also a little leery about getting the iPad mini, because her iPhone 4S screen on the dimmest setting is obviously much dimmer than the iPad 1 on the dimmest setting. So she's wondering where the mini is in that continuum, and whether she could even use it.


Does anybody has an iPad 1 and a new iPad Mini, or an iPhone 4S and an iPad Mini, and can compare the brightness of the two devices.


Thanks for any info.



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