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I get a yellow triangle on the audio of my project, you can not hear the music

iPhoto '11
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    a wild guess. The Audio was on an Audio-CD that now are ejected ?


    Put it in again and it will work.




    As iMovie doesn't create a MOVIE in Projects but just a text document on what material is to be used and where to find it to Play Your edited version. Moving any of them - Video-Clips, Photos and Audio files - and iMove get's lost. (This is how NON-Destructive Video editing is supposed to work)


    So do not move or alter any folder named

    • iMovie Event's - or -

    • iMovie Project's


    or folder containing Audio and Photos used in project. I start by creating a New folder - naming it with Date and Movie name - and in this I put all needed components. And this I stick to till Movie is done and Exported and Never need to be edited any more.


    Yours Bengt W