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    Oh yes for the record the 8 GB memory did show up in the System Profiler before attempting the SL install it showed the 2 ea. 4 GB simms installed and yet they still did affect the installation of SL or any othe operating system for that matter.

  • drdocument Level 4 (3,010 points)

    Cool! Probably worth checking out the RAM modules. Many reputable sellers will exchange no questions asked.


    Did you install onto the SSD? If not, you should be able to install onto it now while it's in MBP.

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    Yes, on the SSD.  Just setting up all the adjustments to settings and preferences.  I am in Australia now, and the memory was purchased at Amazon in the states, so not sure if returning will be worth the shipping cost, but I will look into it.   It is tempting to put the memory back in, but I think not as I have lost to much time on my own software projects on this.  I will follow up as far as If I read correctly in that this memory is okay for the mid 2009 MBP. 


    Again your help has been very useful in that it gave clear steps to follow and after all the trials and failures it gave space for the thought about the memory to arise.  Gave it a go and it worked.

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    Thanks. Glad it worked. This has renewed my interest in SSD.

    Yes, it appears the 1066MHz RAM is meets 2009 MBP specs.

    You can always have it tested at a more convenient time.

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    Thank for your follow up Dr. Document.


    Yes, I was not to sure on the SSD supply is seems limited, though I am just getting to know Adelaide.  I ended up with a SanDisk Extreme 240 GB.


    How does one test Memory?  Go to a repair shop or perhaps some device to connect to the computer that can test it.

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