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Hey guys, I was browsing at some forums and I think I may have found the cause for the battery draining in iOS 6.0.1, it's not really a fix because it involves disabling a major feature, but it could significantly improve your battery life!


Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-qezboCfNm4


Seems like even when everything in iCloud is turned off, it's still receiving and sending approx. 1KB per second, which is probably one of the main causes of draining our batteries. I tested my iPhone as suggested in the video and I was receiving and sending 1KB every second.


I deleted my iCloud account like suggested in this video and my Data usage simply stopped! I have a very good feeling that after doing this, I'll be able to get at least 8 hours of uasge out of my iPhone. I'm already seeing a difference, previously it would take me 4-5 minutes to drop 1%, and after leaving the iPhone with the screen on without auto lock, it dropped 1% after 10 minutes!


Apple needs to know about this and fix this ASAP!


This could also explain why iPhone 4 and 4S users are also experiencing this issue on their iPhones, something is not working as it should when iCloud is enabled in iOS 6.0.1. I tested this with my colleague's iPhone 4, she's using iOS 6.0 and has iCloud turned on. I reset her usage and she's not receiving any data in her Cell usage. This IS the issue in iOS 6.0.1, the data usage that's constantly making your phone fetch new data and use your battery.


I will do a full charge cycle tonight after I get the phone down to under 20% and see what results I get tomorrow but I'm pretty sure I'll get much better results!


Hope this helps you guys until a fix is done in the next iOS.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1