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Hello experts, thanks for reading my post,



I need assistance to setup Mac os X 10.6 Server (DNS section)


I have mac mini server that runs 10.6 Server version and  have static ip (assumed 12.34.567.89 )address  and router  port forwarded  to server using DMZ host. My server will host cupel of web sites as well as few email accounts


I have domain name from my local registrar (nic operator  ) and  the domain is configured from NIC server to pointed  my office ip (static ip) from registrar account.



I installed my server from beginning  and  give the primary dns name server.mydomain.sk, I didn't setup any other services and when the server starts right after its first setup. i opened the Server Admin app and select DNS service and select Zones pane


Please take a look at my photos here and can somebody tell me what is wrong on my settings ?





Thank you for your kind help

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    It's hard to tell from the available data, but the most obvious problem is the fact you have an Alias (CNAME) record for server.mycompany.com that points to... server.mycompany.com.

    In other words, a circular reference where one hostname points to itself.


    Nix the alias record, since it isn't needed. Then see if you continue to have problems.

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    Hello Camelot, thanks for reply.


    Yes your solution reached me  further ,  and  now iam not getting  the error message from terminal and  i have attached the new screen shots.


    *after i create DNS and i confirment the dns was right using terminal, I create open directory master and create new user.(all services are accessible to all users in server.)  my problem is  i can send emails using my server, but i cannot received any emails. what log should i check ?,



    * And  after i enable the web service on server i remotely log in to another pc (different location) and enter server.mydomain.sk (DNS name )in to web browser and it reached to server default wiki page.

    so that means DNS os the server is working correctly isn't it ? if DNS working correctly what caused E-mail issue ?


    Thanks in advance.




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    It's hard to answer why mail doesn't work - there are many possibilities.


    Most importantly, though, are you talking about receiving mail from external hosts/domains? or from your own?


    If you're talking about from external sources, then your own DNS server has little or nothing to do with external DNS (at least as it's currently setup).


    Your DNS server is saying that mail for your domain is handled by server.mydomain.sk, and that server's address is


    No external host in the world is going to be able to connect to that address, so if this server is running your public DNS you need to change that.


    What MOST people do is run two DNS servers - one is internal to their LAN and knows about all their private addresses (192.168.x.x, etc.). This server also knows all the details of your network, such as printers, clients, switches, etc. that you don't (usually) want exposed to the outside world.

    Then there's a second DNS server that handles all public queries and it knows about the hosts that external users might lookup - for example your domain's web server address, mail server, etc.


    These two servers could be on the same machine, but they are commonly separate. For small networks, many people use their ISP or domain registrar to handle the public side of their DNS.


    Without knowing more about your domain and how you (think you) are running DNS, it's hard to know if that's your issue.

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    Hello Camelot,


    thanks again for considering this matter.


    We own the domain name "mydomain.sk" and  we have Static IP from our ISP,  our domain is pointed to our static ip address which is (88.99.123 .45).


    what we need to do :


    In this Server we will host email accounts like  stive@mycompany.sk , maria@mycompany.sk, and host web site which is www.mydomain.sk.


    So emails from out side should come to server first and then to our email clients. So the domain hosted  in our server.



    Please see the attachment, Consider my dns name is server.mycompany.sk and i tried to log in from different location and it direct me to this web page (web service enabled on server ) and i can log in to the my user account , is that means Open directory and DNS working in server ?



    Regarding Local ip


    Yes my server local ip is, But  my static ip address is 88.99.123 .45, and I have configured the router, requests that comes to 88.99.123 .45 will forwarded to which is a server. is that wrong ?