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Hi, when I use cmd-p in Finder to print a document, it doesn't print using my last preset printing preferences (inc. double-sided).


If I open the doc in Word and print, it's fine. But the cmd-p shortcut only prints the default settings, not my preset settings, which include double-sided printing. Can anyone tell me, please, how to make cmd-p work with my printing presets?


Many thanks,


MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Hi David,

    I am having this same problem.  Did you find a solution?



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    There's no Command-P in Finder unless you select a document. When you do select a Word document, for example, you should be 'switched' to Word and the Print dialog box.



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    @James: Hi, no I haven't found a solution yet.


    @Clinton: yes that's right, but here's what happens for me (OS X 10.8.2): Cmd-p in Finder on a selected Word document immediately send the doc to the printer, with no intervening print dialogue box, and it prints using the default print settings in Word - which I don't want.


    By contrast, if I select an Excel file in Finder, and hit cmd-p, it opens Excel and brings up the print dialogue box, from which I can then select any print setting I want.


    Even the second sequence isn't ideal. What I'd like is for cmd-p on any Office file simply to send that file straight to the priner to print using my last preset print settings (which include double-sided).


    Nevertheless, the second sequence is preferable to the first, and I don't know why using cmd-p on a Word file doesn't bring up the print dialogue box.


    Help appreciated, thanks!


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    I think you can see the scope and limitations of command-p from the finder in these articles.


    Quickly Print Files From Finder | Mac Tricks And Tips


    Quickly print files from within the Finder | Macworld


    Also, from Mac Help there is this:


    Print a document without opening it


    In the Finder, you can print a document without first opening the app that created it.


    HidePrint a closed document

    In the Finder, select the document’s icon and choose File > Print.

    The app in which you created the document opens and your document prints, using your default printer and preset printing options.

    To use a printer or options other than the default, you must open the document before printing it, or drag it to the destination printer’s icon in the Dock.


    HidePrint a document by dragging

    If you’ve created a desktop icon for a printer, you can print documents by dragging them to the icon. To create a desktop icon, see this help topic:

    Create a desktop icon for a printer

    • To print a document with the default printer and options, drag the document’s icon to the printer’s icon.
    • To change print options before the document prints, hold down the Option key as you drag the document’s icon to the printer’s icon.

    Documents in common formats, such as PDF, PostScript, JPEG, GIF, and text, are printed immediately. Other types of documents open in their apps and are then printed.