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I have an Imac 800Mhz PPC G4 with OSX 4.11 installed, THANKS! Quicktime help needed?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 800 Mhs Power PC G4 with 1 GB SDRam
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    Apologies! I have Quicktime player 7.2 installed,  but cannot save downloaded files, THANKS! Do I go back to a previous version that can PLAY & SAVE, & install that, & IF so, where would I get to install? Quicktime help needed?

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    Saving a local copy of Web based QuickTime formats requires the "Pro" upgrade of QuickTime Player.

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    Thanks for your kind reply Quicktime Kirk!  Thanks in advance to anyone who replies to this as well. I have heard that what I need is an older Quicktime Version that allows for saving files, etc. But apple does not support it & I should look elsewhere - hence my appeal on this forum. Also, for some reason, when I try to upgrade to Quicktime Pro my browser  (both Safari & Firefox) quits as I am about to complete my purchase. In any event, the real question is this: would the Quicktime Pro upgrade be compatible with my current system?

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    QuickTime version 7 was released in April, 2005. Many updates later it is still working its "Pro" features for me.

    Whatever the lastest version supported by your OS can be upgraded to Pro via the Apple Store. The confirmation info is sent via email and there is no software to download.