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hnregier Level 1 Level 1

So I have an old G4 powerbook that hasn't been working in a couple of years. I can boot the computer up but then after a few minutes or so, it always freezes.

I don't think its the software. Can anyone recommened me how to fix it so it doesn't freeze everytime I use it? Thanks!

  • Michael Wasley Level 5 Level 5

    You're not giving people much to go on.


    Which model G4 PB?

    How much RAM?

    How much spare space on HD?

    Which OS?

    After 15 minutes or after 'a few minutes or so'?

    Doing what/with which application(s)/always the same application?

    Have you checked in Console and Activity Monitor to see what's happening?

    Have you got iStatPro installed to see what's happening with temperatures?

    Have you verified HD with Disk Utility?

    What does Disk Utility say about HD's SMART status?

  • Texas Mac Man Level 8 Level 8

    Since it freezes after about 15 minutes, my thought is that it's temperature related. Possibly a fan failure.


    Download and install the utility Temperature Monitor @ http://www.bresink.com/osx/TemperatureMonitor.html


     Cheers, Tom

  • jacob228 Level 1 Level 1

    Try reinstalling the OS, well you have time get your important files onto a hard drive. Then, boot into the OS disk. Open the disk utilitie and erase your HD. Then install the OS.

  • digitusmedius. Level 1 Level 1

    You may have a bad track pad sensor.


    Do NOT open the computer and detach the sensor. There’s no reason to. Here is the complete method for disabling the sensor:

    Move (do not delete) the following extensions to a different location (a new folder outside the extensions folder). You’ll find them in your system/extensions folder:

    * IOI2CControllerPMU.kext

    * IOI2CLM7x.kext

    * AppleLM7x.kext

    * Extensions.kextcache

    * Extensions.mkext

    Once moved, restart, and that little sensor will be disabled.

  • Network 23 Level 6 Level 6
    Mac OS X

    Leave the Console running after you start up. Note any error messages that appear in the System log over time.


    For example, my PowerBook G3 started freezing...I checked the logs, lots of I/O errors, which told me the hard drive was dying.