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I have been searching for an answer for hours so time to create my own post

I'm editing a film in final cut pro 7 (the footage was originally shot on a Canon C300 so XML files were converted using Pavtube into Apple Prores 422 (HQ)

The client request their film as 1280 x 720, i have adjusted the sequence setting according and that all seems to be fine. I have completed my edit and now want to grade using apple color. However when i send my sequence from FCP into color, my timeline is nothing but green blocks. I have matched project settings to clips but no change.

Would really appreciate some help as i'm on a deadline and stuck at a dead end


Color, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Try creating a new sequence with settings that match your clips.  Then copy the contents of the original sequence to the new sequence.  If it looks ok, fine, if not, select all and control click and choose remove attributes and make sure basic motion and distort are selected.  Then try sending that to color.


    If that doesn't work, post back and I'll suggest some other things.

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    Hi Michael, thanks for your feedback. That didn't seem to do the trick i'm afraid. Weirdly i thought i would do a little test and re-convert an original MXF file into Apple prores 4444 and that sends and shows in Color absolutely fine, however i don't want to be working with such a huge file. At a complete loss...

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    Mac OS X

    Have you tried prores 422?  Quality is excellent.  Worth a comprison with Prores 422 (HQ).


    If you want to send me a short clip of the HQ material, I'll see if I have the same problem on my system.  I think there have been a few threads here describing problems with prores 422 (HQ) material.


    My email is mgrenadier@gmail.com