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I'm in search of a highly effective cooling solution for a MacBook Air.


I have an 11" Air with an i7 processor which I use with a Thunderbolt display. I use this setup all day long as a primary computer, and it is hot almost all the time. I don't generally have a problem when I'm using the Air stand-alone, but as soon as I plug in the Thunderbolt, it heats up a lot. Right now the CPU temperature is around 70 degrees C, even though CPU activity is under 5%.


I'm using a bamboo cooling stand I got from MacAlly (ECOFANPRO) which lowers the temperature only a very small amount, not enough to keep the fan from going full blast.


I want something that will actually cool the computer down to where the internal fan doesn't have to run like this all day.


I've heard that cooling pads are effective for a few hours but I need something that works all day. I don't care what it costs.


I see tons and tons of cooling stands out there that are billed as "stylish" or "quiet" but I can't find a single example of either a manufacturer or a reviewer describing how effective their product is in terms of reducing heat. So it seems like all I can do here is guess.