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I've tried installing a slew of drivers to try to make my mbox 2 compatible with my MacBookPro Os X 10.8.2 system with no success. Realizing that I needed a midi controller I tried to download drivers for the Radium61 usb keyboard (by avid/maudio), which I realized was ALSO too archaic to use.  After giving up on this I bought the scarlette 2i2, which IS compatible with my setup. Problem solved, right? Unfortunately not.


When I open Logic Pro it gets stuck on "Checking MIDI drivers" and eventually opens but gives me an error message that my MIDI has timed out and I should uninstall any recent drivers. Okay, so I open "Audio MIDI Setup" on my computer only to find the spinning wheel of death when I open the MIDI Window. It eventually fails with this message:


"MIDI Server can't be opened."

Audio MIDI Setup couldn’t open the MIDI Server so you can’t view or edit your MIDI configurations.

If you recently installed a new MIDI driver, try uninstalling it and then open Audio MIDI Setup again.  If Audio MIDI Setup works correctly after that, contact the driver’s manufacturer for further support.


I've tried Spotlighting and deleting all associate files. I've even downloaded all the drivers I thought I experimented with and tried there uninstall packages, which only some of them had. I've searched "maudio" "radium" "driver" and every othey keyword I could think of.


How can I delete the problematic driver and be able to use my scarlette ti2 (which I've also installed a driver for) with my Logic Pro 9 and Ableton Live Lite?




MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    difficult to know why this isn't working for you.

    to begin with, i'd go to the places on your computer where midi drivers are, delete them (you can always re-install them), then download the latest driver for the device you want to work with from the company that makes it, install that and see how you get on.

    don't do it on a day you are actually with clients!