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I followed the directions on TS4215 to no avail, I can stream pictures and music from itunes on my imac but i cannot mirror my iphone 5 nor my ipad which is the newest one out (ipad4?) anybody have any other ideas?



iPhone 5, iOS 6
  • Des Collins Level 3 (755 points)

    Are the iPhone and iPad on the SAME WiFi network as the ATV and iMac?


    A simple test you can do on the iOS device is... go into the Musi app

    Tap on More

    Tap on Shared

    Do you see your iMac's iTunes library listed?

    If yes - can you tap on it and load that library onto the iOS decvice?

    if no - Home Sharing isn't working correctly either on the iOS device or in iTunes

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    Ok, I am stupid! I was scrolling left to right when I could not find the icon, when I scrolled right to left I found it, thanks for your help anyways! I was expecting a stand alone icon not one imbedded in the iTunes music control bar