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I had to have the ODD replaced in my 2010 27" iMac. The Genius Bar experience was, erm, an experience.


I got my iMac back today and, after turning it on, discovered what appear to be dead pixels on my screen. They definitely weren't there before I left the machine with them. From briefly looking around the web, it appears it may be (i.e. I hope it is) dust that's trapped behind the screen. Surely Apple have the equipment to allow them to prevent such occurances?


Should I demand they do the job properly, or am I expecting too much?


Had I ben told about this before hand, I might not have opted to have the ODD replaced (as I only did it because it's still under warranty).

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    If you are not comfortable cleaning behind the glass yourself, by any and all means take it back and have then finish the job correctly.


    see > iMac Screen Cleaning - YouTube

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    Bring it back in....As for expecting too much that is hard to say.  Pixel anomalies are frequently expected.  This is what Apple has to say about them:


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    It's just very frustrating as the Apple Store is not local, and the 27" iMac isn't the easiest thing to carry around.


    The pixel anomalies weren't there before I took it in to have the ODD replaced. I expected that Apple, of all companies, would have done the best job possible. I hope it is just dust, and not newly dead pixels.


    I'm sure Apple will do the right thing, but it's just such a pain to have to take it back to them again (it will be my third journey there in a week).


    Thanks for the responses.