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I am running OS X 10.8 on a mid-2012 MacBook Air.  I started noticing some performance hiccups a couple of weeks ago with Spaces.  Over several days, it becomes slow and laggy and becomes basically unusable.  I think I can say with a good bit of confidence that it is not a hardware (trackpad) issue.  No other guestures are affected.  Two-finger scrolling and swiping in to activate the notification center remains intact, as well as the four-finger gestures (Exposé desktop), and even the three-finger swipe up into Mission Control seems to remain functional.  Only three-finger swiping side to side to switch between Spaces is affected—even using control + left/right arrow keys demonstrates the same lag of about 2-3 seconds.  I don't think it's a memory issue as I've looked at Activity Monitor as well as quit most active processes and the performance issue persists until I restart.


Has anyone else had issues with Spaces performance?  Have any suggestions?

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I am having Spaces issues as well.  I do not have your problem, but when I go to mission control, applications do not show up on some of my desktop spaces even though there are aps open on them.  Restarting sometimes helps, but eventually it happens again.  I think this is an OS X 10.8 issue.  

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    I've had 10.8 since it came out but haven't had this issue since then—only since a few weeks ago, so if it is an issue with Mountain Lion, it must be with the most recent update 10.8.2.  Anyway, hopefully it gets resolved quickly.  I'll just have to keep doing a restart every several days until then :/