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I ask my friend to help me to buy the IP5 with Carrier Sprint in US - No Contract with (Full Price --> 649 +taxes)). He asked the seller that the IP5 could use outside USA or not and seller said : yes.


After using IP5 in Vietnam with Viettel Network, I can't use SMS, Imessage or Facetime with 3G but it is ok with WIFI and apple ID.


I just wonder what happen with my IPhone please help me check it :


Model : MD668LL

SerialNumber : F1******8GN



Before sending the email to you my friend also ask me for testing as the following actions:

  • Reset Content and All Setting.
  • Using MMS.
  • Disable iMessage.
  • Changing SMSC number.

Thank for helping me and wait your responding




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    Frist i am going to ask that this post is edited for your safety. YOU shouldnt post your meid and serial number ect. Second you would want to talk to the carrier because your on a carrier network that isnt normal a supported carrier.