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Hello, I've been an Apple fan since about 2010 when I picked up my 3GS on a 2 year contract. It was painful, because back then I didn't realize Apple brought out new phones every year, so a couple of months after I got my 3GS the 4 came out. I stuck the 2 years out though just in time for the iPhone 5. After all that waiting I'm not going to lie I was dissapointed but it would have been a huge upgrade from the 3GS without doubt. However, my only niggle with Apple is the cost. £525! I thought I'd take a gamble and buy an Android device for £200 cheaper. 


As time goes on though (had HTC One X for about 2 months now) I'm kind of missing my iPhone and the capabilities it had. I sold my iPad on eBay last week because now that I don't have an iPhone I thought I'd get a bit of money back and sell the iPad.


I have to admit though, I miss it. The UI, iTunes, photo stream, iCloud etc. It's all just SO easy and friendly to use. I loved it. The only thing that gets me is the cost. I would absolutley love to have a Macbook but I just don't need it that much to spend £1000 atleast on it. Otherwise I'd have borh air and a pro!


Anyways, not so much a question... just needed to get it off my chest. Please don't flame me for trying Android. It was my first time and thought I'd see what I prefer and well, there you have it.

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    And the technical question you have for us is...?


    These forums are for helping users with problems with their Apple products. This particular forum is for questions about the use of the forums themselves.


    If you have feedback for Apple, go to this page and enter it.

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    Sorry to see you go…

    My story is slightly different.

    Before I had 5 Android phones in a row (all HTCs). My firs Apple product was iPod Touch, so I could compare two different OS. Multiple Android failures made me mad (software related mainly that usually started after six months or so of using it). However, I had no complains to my iPod. Then I bought iPods to all my family members. Later I purchased Macbook Pro, few months later Mac Pro, then Airport Express and Extreme, then Macbook Pro to my wife… I not only get rid of Android, but I eliminated Windows from my workflow … and my life got bright colours, smile on my face and no problems whatsoever…

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    Actually, if you look at the "Actions" pane, is says "Start a discussion" and over on the left of the window that opens when you start a discussion, there is an option "Mark this discussion as a Question..."  Now admittedly that option is enabled by default, but you can uncheck it so that readers will know the post is NOT a technical question. Luke has apparently done so.


    Unlike the old Apple Discussions, with this new iteration Apple has gone more for a social media format rather than a strict "question and answer" board format.

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    Luke, why not pick up an iPad Mini, and then when your contract is up, get another iPhone?

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    Thanks for your replies.


    Romad, that sounds an excellent idea. I'm not actually on contract at the moment with my phone because the tariffs are far too expensive in my opinion. I may go for the ipad mini though but people will think I'm mad as I've just sold my ipad. All my apps, photos and music is going to waste though. Hmm.

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    Do you really care what other people say or think....