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When want to change a letter or some text I always have to position the cursor after the entire word and use the backspace key to delete the whole word, even if I just want to delete, for example, the first letter. Is there a key that deletes forwards ?


This applies to my iPad, MacBook Air and iPhone.

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    hold the FN key (bottom left corner) and type the delete key.

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    I'd like to sort of hiighjack this thread.  I moved from an iPad Mini to an iPad Air bcause I wanted to add a keyboard case that would replace some of the frustration I've experienced trying to type on the Mini's display.  So with the AIR I purchased a Belkin Ultimate keyboard and I'm very peased with it.  My "principal" computer is a desktop PC and I was quite startled to find there are no cursors, other than by finger, in the iPad world; however, I'm getting used to that.  Re the posting here, that seems to be good advice re the delete function.  My question: looking prettyy closely at my Belkn keyboard, where is the "delete" key?