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Hello @all,


i have a problem with Push Notifications on Lion Server 10.7.5. I think the Problem exists since the iOS 6 Upgrade on my Mobile Devices (iPhone 5 and iPad 3). When i go to my Mail Push Settings i cannot set it to Push. The only thing i can do is Load and Manually. On the Calendar settings i can use the Push setting. The Mailserver and the Calendarserver run on the same Machine.


What i see on the Server is, that all connections to APNS are up and running:


frodo:~$ sudo lsof -P -i |grep -i APN

APNBridge  139        _jabber    5u  IPv4 0xffffff800cf23de0      0t0  TCP *:8080 (LISTEN)

APNBridge  139        _jabber    9u  IPv6 0xffffff800cf1b340      0t0  TCP *:8080 (LISTEN)

APNBridge  139        _jabber   10u  IPv4 0xffffff800e90d320      0t0  TCP localhost:49178->localhost:5348 (ESTABLISHED)

APNBridge  139        _jabber   12u  IPv4 0xffffff8013f6a6c0      0t0  TCP frodo.menzns.de:49349->nk11p01st-interface004-bz.push.apple.com:2195 (ESTABLISHED)

APNBridge  139        _jabber   13u  IPv4 0xffffff801218d500      0t0  TCP frodo.menzns.de:49350->nk11p01st-interface004-bz.push.apple.com:2195 (ESTABLISHED)

APNBridge  139        _jabber   16u  IPv4 0xffffff801218dc20      0t0  TCP frodo.menzns.de:49391->st11p01st-interface012-bz.push.apple.com:2195 (ESTABLISHED)



When i snoop on the connection to the Apple Push Server and i receive a Mail one TCP Paket will go out to the Servers. For me it looks really strange because i think that on the Server is everything fine. Today i rebootet the Server but the Problem exists. The Mobile Devices i have also rebootet many times. Can somebody help me or give me a Tip what i can do?


Thank you very much.




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