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Hello @all,


i have a problem with Push Notifications on Lion Server 10.7.5. I think the Problem exists since the iOS 6 Upgrade on my Mobile Devices (iPhone 5 and iPad 3). When i go to my Mail Push Settings i cannot set it to Push. The only thing i can do is Load and Manually. On the Calendar settings i can use the Push setting. The Mailserver and the Calendarserver run on the same Machine.


What i see on the Server is, that all connections to APNS are up and running:


frodo:~$ sudo lsof -P -i |grep -i APN

APNBridge  139        _jabber    5u  IPv4 0xffffff800cf23de0      0t0  TCP *:8080 (LISTEN)

APNBridge  139        _jabber    9u  IPv6 0xffffff800cf1b340      0t0  TCP *:8080 (LISTEN)

APNBridge  139        _jabber   10u  IPv4 0xffffff800e90d320      0t0  TCP localhost:49178->localhost:5348 (ESTABLISHED)

APNBridge  139        _jabber   12u  IPv4 0xffffff8013f6a6c0      0t0  TCP frodo.menzns.de:49349->nk11p01st-interface004-bz.push.apple.com:2195 (ESTABLISHED)

APNBridge  139        _jabber   13u  IPv4 0xffffff801218d500      0t0  TCP frodo.menzns.de:49350->nk11p01st-interface004-bz.push.apple.com:2195 (ESTABLISHED)

APNBridge  139        _jabber   16u  IPv4 0xffffff801218dc20      0t0  TCP frodo.menzns.de:49391->st11p01st-interface012-bz.push.apple.com:2195 (ESTABLISHED)



When i snoop on the connection to the Apple Push Server and i receive a Mail one TCP Paket will go out to the Servers. For me it looks really strange because i think that on the Server is everything fine. Today i rebootet the Server but the Problem exists. The Mobile Devices i have also rebootet many times. Can somebody help me or give me a Tip what i can do?


Thank you very much.




Mac mini, OS X Server
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    Hello menzbua,


    where you are from? In germany is a license problem with Push-mail between Apple and Motorola. I use also a 10.7 server for mailservice & Push is also down.



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    I'am from germany, yes. But when you read the post from jroegner he testet with an old iOS Version and there Push Mail works. So it could also be an iOS Problem and not a Patent Problem.



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    My setup (osx lion server + iPhone's, iPad with iOS 6.0 and iOS 6.0.1) works fine inclusive push. But since last week, I haven't make an upgrade on any device, all iOS devices are without mail push functions.


    Since last week are more providers (aol...) without push function. Unfortunately I haven't iOS 4 or iOS 5 devices for testing.


    I think there is no bug in iOS 6. Perhaps, use iOS 4 push server without geo- / ip- restrictions?


    A statement from apple would be great.