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I'm starting to try to learn Logic Pro 9 on my MacBook Pro, and i have some Plugins from Sugar Bytes installed, but i can't seem to figure out how to open them up so i can use them. They do show up and are enabled in the Audio Device Manager, but i can't figure out how to actually get into them and use them. Any help would be appreciated, thanks

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    Click on the "mixer" tab at the bottom of the arrange window (or when in the arrange window with a track selected, press "i" to reveal that respective track's channel strip).


    Click + Hold on one of the empty slots of the channel strip, Look here for example.


    Once you've Click + Hold, a menu will open listing all of Logic's plugins first, and then 3rd party plugins after. Sugarbytes plugins will be located here.


    I apologize for the short responses as I'm typing this in from my phone. I hope this helps.



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    That seems like a very round-about way of doing it. I guess i have a lot more to learn about this, i'm using the Lynda videos to do so. I can't, right now, get it to actually play the sound/music out of the speakers when i press play. I did enable one of the Sugar bytes plug-ins, but when i try to play a sound i'm trying to create, nothing comes out of the speakers. I'm using the garageband loops to play around with. Any ideas?

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    One aspect you must to realize, Logic is professional quality software, it doesn't automatically set things up for you or load instruments. It's made to be very flexible and in that respect the user is expected you know a little about audio, MIDI and how this type of software works. I think it's unfair of Apple to call Logic an upgrade from Garageband, even though they share some of the same code they are very different.


    Logic has a comprehensive manual and online help.


    http://help.apple.com/logicpro/mac/9.1.6/en/logicpro/usermanual/#chapter=2%26sec tion=0


    Go to the link above and check out "Configuring your Audio Hardware".

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    Mknabster, you should definitly follow Pancenter's advice. The solutions and opinions he provides on this forum are seriously gold for all users, myself included.



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    Thanks guys, sorry if my 2nd post seemed like an outburst. I do agree with you about Garageband Pancenter, i was expecting it to be easier, but i'll get there with time. I just need to spend a lot of time with the manual and the videos i'm watching. Ultimately, i want to use Logic to create new sounds and mix songs, but i know this won't happen overnight. Thanks again!