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Is the MacBook worth it and why because some of my tell windows is better and some tell me OS X is better

Any help will be appreciated



And is it that complicated please help me

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    The old MacBook Pros have Firewire and Ethernet.

    The new ones have neither, but have an extra Thunderbolt port which can be adapted to those.

    The old MacBook Pros have mini-Toslink Audio input which supports RCA mini-jack line input 1/8th inch you might find on some microphones.  The new ones only have direct line-in audio-input with no cable connection possible.  Though USB is frequently adapted to audio input.

    The old ones have built-in DVD/CD burner.  The new ones you need an external one.

    Are the higher screen resolution and higher battery life worthwhile sacrifices? That's really up to you.

    The new power adapters only work with the newer Retina machines, though an adapter allows you to use the older adapters on Retina machines.  Sadly vice versa isn't true.  You can't use a new adapter on an old machine.

    Some older machines may support 10.7.2 or later.  The new ones only support 10.7.5 or later, and some may only support 10.8 or later.  Look at the age of the operating system and the release date of the specs.

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    Note your question is in the MacBook forum, and not the Pro or Air forum.  We can only guess your question is about Pros because there have been no pure MacBooks that were new since after July 20, 2011, when the Air replaced the pure MacBooks as the bottom end MacBook.