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I can't get my iPod nano (6th Generation) to play any of my playlists using the "Date Added" category.  No matter what I do, they only play using the "Name" category.  I'm currently using iTunes 10.7 with the latest iPod software version 1.2.  I've tried both using the default sync mode and the manual sync mode, but nothing seems to work.  Am I missing something, or is this really the only way I'm allowed to listen to my music now on my iPod?  (P.S. On my older iPod Shuffle, how I set up my playlists to play in iTunes is how they played on my iPod, so it seems silly that this more expensive and fuller featured iPod can't seem to handle this simple task.)

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    Check the ordering of the playlist in iTunes after you sort the playlist by the Date Added category.  Over to the far left of each track is the # the track is in the playlist. If they are out order, drag and drop the tracks until they are in the correct order.