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Hi There - I set up rules to move iCal event invitations/updates/cancellations to a separate folder that I named "Calendar Invitations"  so they don't clog my inbox.  With these rules running, new event invitations/updates/cancellations used to show up in the event notifications button that appears on the top left of iCal when you get a new invitation/update/cancellation from someone.  I just realized today that the event notifications button hasn't appeared for some time.  I went into the "Calendar Invitations" folder I had set up to discover I have invitations/updates/cancellations going back to the end of October that never prompted the event notifications button in iCal to appear. 


I turned off the rules and the event notifications button works again.  But if I turn the rules back on the event notifications button stops appearing with new invites.  Like I said, this used to work just fine with the rules turned on.


The rules simeply say,

     if the subject contains "iCal event invitation:"

          move message to mailbox "Calendar Invitations"


Any ideas on why iCal no longer recognizes new invitations/updates/cancellations when the rules are turned on?


I am running a mid 2012 MBA with OSX 10.8.2

MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)