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I want to change my password as my friend has access to my account,

I have no idea what my reset questions are as they were done out of frustration of it keeping bothering me on my home screen

I have no access to my old e-mail

I have access to my account now as I know the current password,


I have spent about an hour looking for an e-mail to ask Apple, I'm VERY irritated at this as Apples security procedures are Shockingly bad, I have never had a problem with Hotmail :@

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
  • Munas Level 4 (1,260 points)

    I would not blame on Apple if you forgot your answers and have no access to your e-mail...

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    Because everyone knows where they were on January 1st 2001, and what their favourite car is, or what city they were first kissed in, Why can't they have a password for a reason.


    Microsoft way to reset -

    Log in

    Click change password

    Type old password

    Type new password

    Click okay....



    Log in

    Click change password

    Remember Security Question 1

    Remember security question 2

    Then change password...

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    or simply use the possibility to reset the password via email...


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    I want to change the password not re-set it, I have gained access to my account,

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    It is what this option is going to do. You will be provided with link, clicking on link will open a web page where you could change your password.

    After the password is changed you could login to appleid.apple.com and manage your security questions to something more memorable as well as to change your emergency e-mail address.