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Hi guys.


I am trying to hook up my Mac Book Pro 2008 to my Smart TV. I have connected the video with an HDMI cable, which seems to work great, but I am getting no sound. I have tried to search in the 'sound' section of the System Preferences but it cannot seem to see the TV in Output. After a bit of internet searching, it would seem that the MBP 2008 might not be able to detect audio as well as video. 


Can anyone give an idea as how to get sound? Will I need to buy any additional cables/hardware?


Thanks very much in advance.



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    For a 2010+ MBP you can connect with a Displayport to HDMI, which will include Audio.


    With older MBP you will need a displayport to HDMI, if you want audio to the actually TV, then you will need to get a cable with either digital out from MBP to the HDMI, or USB audio mixed into the HDMI




    be sure the mini-displayport-to-HDMI adapter you buy is explicitly advertised as supporting audio.  If it isn't so advertised, then it probably won't carry audio along with video.

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    Hi Sanjampet


    Thanks for the reply.


    The cable does seem to support audio, according to the packaging. We have the older version MBP so looks like thats the problem.

    So, just to clarify, we need to hook up the MBP to the TV with a USB for the audio? i.e witha a seperate cable?

    Thanks for your time.


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    Yes, you can try it that way, Apple has re-aranged furniture a few times in the last few revs. so there could be some hunting involved.  Try setting up the whole thing with everything off, power up the Mac and then fire up the TV, it should auto detect, if not, check system preferences>sound see if it is set to your TV. System preferences>sound>output, select your TV.  Another thing you can try is a pram reset to help the detection of the attached gear.  PRAM reset: Have TV powered up, mac off, power up mac holding the following keys: option, command,P, R (no commas). Hold these keys till you hear the start chime 2 times, if you have no joy,  reboot and see what you have.  Hope this helps.