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Every 20 seconds or so, I have change the I/O Buffer Size to stop a crackling noise and latency.  When I change it, everything sounds clear for 20 seconds, and then goes back to sounding terrible and out of sync.  Any help?

Logic Studio, Mac OS X (10.6.8), MBP nearly 3 years old
  • Miles Fender Level 3 (780 points)

    it sounds like you have an issue that isn't actually directly related to the buffer size. When you chnge the buffer size, you are reinitializing core audio. Something else is happening that causes your sync issues after about 20 seconds, then reintializing clears it.


    What sort of setup do you have? Do you have an aggregate device? A clock? What sorts of instruments? etc.

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    I'm using a Zoom R16 in Audio Interface mode, one mic, recording vocals.  USB.  I've got a few tracks already recorded, with some mixing done, but I'm in low latency mode.  After a bit of recording, my computer just went a bit mental and told me in several languages to hold down the power button, so that's new.

  • Miles Fender Level 3 (780 points)

    That was a kernel panic, which generally means that your machine is very unhappy about some driver or extension that's installed on it.


    Are the drivers for your R16 up to date?

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    That seemed to work!  Thank you.  It's strange, I was having a weird delay when I was recording with the built-in mic before.  But it seems to be working now.  Thank you sir!