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Hi, It's been 5 days since I've  had this problem and even Apple's phone service was really awful and never got my problem solved. I've googled for answers but I'm not getting anything. Before heading to an apple store, this is my last resort. I'll appreciate if someone can figure it out.


I purchased my macbook in 2010 and I never got Wifi problem ever since. (I use the Airport thing)

All the apple products(my macbook, my dad's macbook, and my ipod touch) get wifi from other places with no problem.

But at home, It only works if they're very close to the modem! (like 3 feet away)

If we take it to another room or upstairs, it loses the connection. We never had issues with broad range before!! BUT, i'm not sure if it has anything to do with a router/adapter interfering with the modem?

The thing is that we have a "Linksys router/adapter" upstairs, so that we can get the connection for our Windows PCs.

If I pull it out, they can't get internet connection.

Is there any solution? Please and thanks

MacBook, OS X Server