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Hi folks,


Just wondering if you can help me out?  A few months back I bought Applecare for my Macbook pro.  After finding it a bit cheaper elsewhere i called up Apple to let them know and they told me that they couldnt refund me so if i wanted it at the cheaper price i was to cancel and repurchase.  Fine.


So i cancelled and waited months for my refund.  I have since got the refund and was then informed by customer relations that i can no longer register my product for applecare anymore as it can only be registered once.


Can anyone shed any light on this?  I am really annoyed as i was advised by someone at Apple to do that!  Had i known i wouldnt have cancelled.


I also asked the customer relations rep (michelle, i think her name was) about escalating my complaint as i found that to be totally unfair i was told to cancel and should be able to repurchased and was told she could give me an address but i "would be wasting my time" as the letter would be directed back at her.


Surely the buck doesnt stop at this customer relations rep?


any advice is welcome.  im really worried now as my 1 year runs out really soon.


many thanks in advance

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