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Would anyone be able to guide a newbie with advice on server naming for a mac mini? 


I have a public web presence but want to direct incoming email through the server for push email to iOS devices, i.e iPhones.  The server will also be a VPN to the internal network, which will be running a hybrid of mac and win7 clients.  The company webserver will remain at the webhost.


Should I simply call the host machine server.mydomain.com or for example, mailserver.mydomain.com?  I have read some wiki's and advice for naming conventions that have left me confused.  I think I can handle the setting up of the CNAME, A and MX records.  But on the latter point, if someone has a simple English reference they want to offer up, then I would be most grateful.


I want to adopt a sound strategy as my first foundation stone.  Or am I paranoid with this parameter?


Many thanks in advance.

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)