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I have an iPad and will soon get an iPhone. I'm trying to understand these devices uses with iCloud. The term photo streaming is used but what does it mean? I know that I have 5G free on iCloud. My iPad indicates I have only 1.5G left. How do I find out what is in iCloud that is taking up the rest of the memory?

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 6.0.1
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    Photo streaming means that when you take a photo on an Apple device, iCloud will automatically make the photo available on all of your devices.


    As for iCloud storage, go to Settings > General > Usage and you can see your iCloud storage there.


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    Thanks, Bigtarantula99.


    It was my videos hogging up all the space. I had previously downloaded it to my iMac but I didn't know it was still in iCloud as a backup.


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