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Just upgraded to 10.7 and the changes to iCal (v. 5.0.3) are horrifying. I plan most of my daily work on iCal and really need the Day view of the calendar to fill most of the window and show more details on my calendar items as it did before in 10.6. As it is now, the left half of the screen is now taken over by a list of upcoming events which gives the daily view too little space, so all my calendar items and notes are truncated. Makes it very difficult to work with. Is there a way to turn that upcoming view off? I don't understand why it's there. If I've selected "day" as my view option, it stands to reason that I don't need upcoming events for this week. The rationale behind that being there taking up all that unnecessary space is beyond me.


Barring that, anyone have any suggestions for an iCal replacement? I have a long list of other complaints but this one is a big one. If I can't fix this, I need to move on to something else.

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    Same question here... over a year later!  Mine's about iCal 6, but it's the very same issue.


    Cannot stand the scrolling list of events.  When I select a day view, I want to concentrate on that day's events-- and not see a long list of other events for other days!


    Rick, did you ever find a solutiion?  Maybe there's a hidden Terminal command to turn it off.  I kept looking for dot within the pane divider to collapse it, but it's not there.  Nor is there an option under Preferences!


    Long live Snow Leopard and the old iCal!