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I use iCal for my calendar app and am looking for printing assistance.


My work week is Tuesday through Saturday from 9AM to 6PM each day.  What I am trying to do is find an application that will allow me to print each week on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper where Tuesday through Saturday are shown across the top of the page and the hours from 9AM to 6PM are broken out in 1/2 hour chunks down the left side of the page.  I do not want Sunday or Monday to show on the page as they would consume page real estate.  I would like to print my entire year in advance and use this as a hard copy calendar that will show existing regular appointments while also providing space for me to add new appointments as they come in.


I can't seem to get iCal to print this way.  I am looking for either a new calendar app that will import iCal data and support this print format or a printing app that can work with iCal data that supports the print format that I need.


Any suggestions out there?  I've started looking at a few apps but this isn't the type of functionality that is listed in the program description.



Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    hi gregbr

    I wanted to do a similar thing as I like to see my calendars on my office wall at a glance

    i have an imac and an ipad, i installed an app on the ipad as i sync the calendars on the computer and ipad, this one is called Calprint. i can print these calendars easily so this may be an option. i would definitely ask the app developers if an app is capable of doing what you want though before you get it. hope have  been of some help and hope you find what you are looking for