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Has anyone seen the Reservoir Dogs DVD?  I was very inspired by the Bonus Section that had a picture of a car radio, that played audio.  The viewer can use the arrow buttons to select a different radio preset, and then other streams of bonus audio are accessed.


So for my current DVD project (i'm using DVDSP 4),  I made a similar set-up.  I have 4 bonus audio files, each is aprox. 19 minutes, and about 26 mb AC3 exports (from compressor)


My method was to have 4 menus, each that has a "menu background audio track".  then I changed the menu duration to the length of the matchin track.

Then I created a button system that toggles between the different menus.


Upon trying to build my DVD, I got this error:


Menus cannot exceed 1GB in total size. Reduce the amount of data in your menus


And upon researching online, I'm starting to learn about DVD menus... I'm assuming now that DVDSP converts the AC3 files and JPEG

menu background into video files that stack up as the first .VOB file.  So those 19 minute menu durations are in turn converting into huge video files....

Is that the case?


I would really appreciate your advice and input !!!


What should I do??   Have you seen that Reservoir Dogs audio player??   


Another method i was thinking about that might be the ticket would be to have something with multiple audio tracks in one TRACK....



Thank you so much for your help,




DVD Studio Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)